Best In Your Own Skin

Taut and Tight

The World’s Only Non Surgical Tummy Tuck

This revolutionary new concept was invented by a woman to solve a problem she and many of her friends were struggling with: sagging, wrinkled and dimpled skin. 

She had already tried creams and various other treatments to improve skin texture, but was not satisfied with the results and wanted to find something that would bring immediate and dramatic results without plastic surgery.

The Solution

Years of research

After many years of research, she has now found an amazingly simple and exciting solution.

While wearing  a specially designed bra the skin gets stretched and lifted creating the impression of a much younger, firmer and smoother skin, much like a bra creates the impression of a firm and upright bust.The skin bra is not to be confused with a shape garment which only improves shape UNDER clothing,whereas Taut and Tight’s main focus is on improving the skin texture of EXPOSED skin,while also improving shape,removing the infamous “muffin top” or “love handles”.

The Product