Be Your Best in Your Own Skin

- Kitty Saarloos

Kitty Saarloos

Kitty is a Dutch national who has made her home in South Africa. Most of Kitty’s career was spent as a full-time parent, striving to be the best wife and mother possible. In creating a well-run home for her family, she proved herself an innovative and creative problem solver. Kitty never considered herself an entrepreneur or inventor until she realized many of her friends were complaining to her about the same issue. As their skin matured, they felt less confident in certain clothing and wished they had a way to lift sagging and dimpled skin. Kitty struggled with the same issues and had tried spa procedures and creams which provided little to no result. She knew what she and her friends wanted – instant, dramatic, pain and risk-free improvement of skin texture. An idea was born. Through talking to more women, she found it was not only those with mature skin but younger women that were looking for the same product. Kitty set out to educate herself about fabrics and garment design and with some extraordinary experiences and determination she built a team and an entirely new category of undergarments. The now patented first product in the Taut & Tight line won 1st place in a US invention contest and the company was welcomed into an American start-up accelerator in 2021. The first product in the Taut & Tight line is expected to launch the American market in the late fall of 2023.

Dramatic Results Instantly

Our bodies are amazing and through big life changes, like aging, having babies, and losing weight our skin can lose elasticity and tone. You deserve to celebrate your body by feeling your best no matter what you want to wear. Taut & Tight gives you the smooth and tight waist you want so you can feel confident in any clothing. The only muffin top around will be on your breakfast plate. It’s time to rock that crop top.


This is not your mother’s shapewear. Shapewear works, but it limits what can be worn with it and it’s hot, bulky and constricting. Taut & Tight is light, breathable and covers the area just under where your bra band sits. Most importantly, it lifts and smooths your actual skin, giving a tummy tuck result without the pain and cost of surgery. Like a bra lifts skin and tissue to create a firm looking breast, Taut & Tight lifts the entire midsection. All of this is this is done while allowing you to wear your regular bra along with it.